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City Voices @Timisoara

Pál Frenak is arriving to Timisoara on 21 October to lead an outstanding workshop for local hearing impaired participants working with the actors of the National Theatre of Timisoara.

The City Voices - Central Park of the National Theater in Timisoara, as part of the preparation for the European Capital of Culture 2021 programme, will consist in a series of amateur dance workshops for the hearing impaired, supported by the reputed French choreographer of Hungarian origin Pál Frenak, alongside actors of the National Theater, which will result in a theater-dance production with professionals and amateurs.

The project aims to integrate and harmonize through dance two communities with specific means expressions. During the 5 days of the workshop, 15 people with hearing disabilities will discover, under the guidance of Pál Frenak, artistic means of expression and affirmation of their individuality, together with the actors of the National Theater. The result is a theater-dance performance involving the hearing impaired and professional actors. The famous choreographer will undoubtedly prove a special artistic formula that provides both a space for encounter, as well as a deciphering system for two sometimes ignored languages - sound for the hearing impaired, respectively the gesture language for the actors involved.

Regarding the organization of the workshops, Pál Frenak conceived a theater- dance scenario to capitalize on the participants' experiences and emotions, translating them for the theater audience into the universal and more accessible language of dance.


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