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Pal Frenak is pleased to accept the invitation of the Hungarian Academy of Science and will perform his unique solo of 'UN' on 13th November, as a demonstration of the marvelous fusion of sign language and contemporary dance.

The conference is organized on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Act CXXV of 2009 on Hungarian Sign Language and the use of Hungarian Sign Language.

Conventional approaches generally emphasize how results from various disciplines could be incorporated into research on sign languages, deafness, and sign language communities, and how the resulting scientific knowledge could shape the Deafs’ everyday life and educational practices.

By contrast, the scientific presentations and programs at this jubilee event draw attention to the reinterpretation of the changing perspectives, actors, roles, boundaries, and to the need of critical self-reflection and its potentials. Thus, the conference focuses on the new conceptual and practical challenges of sign language, deafness, and involvment of Deaf individuals in different areas of research, and how it shapes science.

Through the last 10 years of the Research Centre for Multilingualism and the also 10-year-old Hungarian Sign Language Specialization, as well as the Languag-E-Chance and EFOP projects the event offers the opportunity to discourse and connectivity to different perspectives and practices across the given themes and actors. Emphasizing that credible and forward-looking new results in a constantly reflecting network of theory and practice, research and application, could only result from socio-cultural, linguistic, conceptual diversity, empirical evidence and local knowledge of stakeholders, and exclusively by the active involvement of th